Who Do you Call when it Feels like the Wheels are Coming Off?

Have you noticed how stress and overwhelm sneaks up on you?

You feel like everything is under control and then something happens and you feel yourself losing your focus and your motivation. Maybe it was a little thing that really shouldn’t have bothered you. Or maybe it was something more significant.

Either way, you feel it hijacking your energy. Then you get frustrated that it’s happening – which only makes it worse. Before you know it the day seems lost. The harder you try to fix it – the worse it gets.

When you are in the midst of overwhelm like this it’s really hard to see things clearly. You can fall victim to cognitive distortions and negative self-talk.

The only way out is to find a way to interrupt the pattern so you can see things more clearly and objectively – so you can get back on track.

Like one of my clients, Beth, who texted me between sessions because she felt headed into the vortex. When we got on the phone she explained a situation that really troubled her and was making her question herself. She felt the signs of an anxiety attack coming on that had sidelined her for more than a week in the past.

She needed someone to listen to her without judgment. To ask her the right questions and help her see the facts more clearly. Our call gave her that and helped her find the path to being in control again.

The law is a pretty lonely business. It is really easy to get stuck – especially when you are trying to do it all by yourself. It is really important to have a trusted thinking partner to help you when you feel like the wheels are coming off.

Who is that person for you?


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