What Time Management is REALLY about …

Time management is not about having all of the stuff checked off your to-do list. It is about giving you the time and energy for what matters most to you.

I used to believe time management was all about plowing through the piles of things to do and getting as much done as possible – as quickly as possible. You know, being “productive”. When I needed to get more done I’d go in earlier, stay later or work weekends. I figured my stress would go down as a function of the things I ticked off the list, and as the list went down, life would be better. Of course, I typically added more things to the list than I completed so the stress mounted and the list grew.

Then I learned that time management isn’t just about getting more stuff off of your list. Time and energy management are life skills that allow you to reduce stress and manage anxiety – at work and in real life.

Time and energy management are directly related to your physical and mental health. When you take control of your time and energy you will sleep more soundly, enjoy better health, have more free time and even improve your relationships because you’ll be more fun to be around. Conversely, poor time management leads to more stress, more anxiety which can trigger mental health issues including burnout – and worse.

The choice is simple, right? But simple doesn’t mean easy.

If knowing what to do, and even how to do it, were enough then you would already be a master of your time and energy – and you wouldn’t be reading this.

Changing your habits takes time, patience, and practice. You’re going to have to learn some new skills and shift some attitudes and behaviors. You’ll have to invest a small fraction of the time you spend keeping current on the law to do this work. Having support and accountability will accelerate the process.

The goal is bigger than making money and getting more done. You want to make sure you focus on the right things – the things that matter most to you. When you are clear on what matters most it will be much easier to do this work.

What is one thing that really matters to you that you’re not getting to?

What is one step you can take to make time for your one thing?


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