The Hidden Cracks in Your Practice Foundation

Your law practice is like a house.

Your house is only as strong as the foundation that supports the core structure and systems.

Small cracks in the foundation become fissures and, left unattended, the house can become unstable or uninhabitable. And it certainly won’t increase in value or protect you from the storm.

The good news is that as with your house, you can be vigilant and inspect your foundation and business systems to guard against failures – and increase the value of your business.

And yes, I said business – not practice.

If you want to build lasting value and get more done in less time, then you need to think about your practice like the business that it is.

All healthy businesses are built on solid principles, practices, and systems that allow them to become successful and profitable.

There has never been a better time to check in on the foundation of your law business and adjust as needed.

The most basic systems – your foundation, include:

  1. Your strategic plan and how you set goals and objectives – like setting your GPS.
  2. Your core personal and business values, and the problems you solve for your clients.
  3. Your clients and community – how you attract and select the right clients.
  4. Your systems and processes to make your life easier and more profitable.
  5. How to protect and grow your most important assets – like your time and attention.

These are things you do to work on your business, just like you’d work on your house.

Be sure you are blocking time in your busy calendar to seek out the hidden cracks in your foundation in each of these areas. If you’re not seeing any, then you’re probably not looking hard enough. And you need to know they are there in order to protect and preserve your house.

The work you do now will pay huge dividends down the road.



Doug Brown, JD

Chief Learning Officer & Executive Coach

Summit Success International |

I help attorneys get more done in less time and never miss dinner again.

P.S… I know how hard it can be to make these things a priority when you’re really busy working in your business and you feel like you’re playing “Whack-A-Mole” all the time.  It’s even more daunting if you don’t have experience with these business disciplines. And when you’re in that situation you can do what you would do with your house – call in an expert. I hold a few spots each week to talk with attorneys like you about your foundation, and how to make it stronger. Click here to apply for your free consultation.