I have to admit it. I questioned whether or not I should bring this post back. I got some “rather unfriendly” comments the last time I presented it here. So let me say this before I get going. I’m talking about MY experience with hijab as a western woman. Period, full stop. I’m a huge proponent of personal choice, especially when it comes to dress. You want to wear a mini skirt or a niqab, have at it.

Now, the reason I’m dragging this out from the short-hair cellar? Because I’m seeing this very thing play out again, in technicolor. So time to hash this out.

Whenever I tell someone I used to live in Iran, he or she asks me a few standard questions, the most common one being, “Did you have to wear a burqa?”

In short, no, but I did have to wear hijab, in my case, a trench coat and a headscarf, which I loved.

And here’s why.