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Walt was the perfect guide when I needed to experiment with new strategies to attract clients. His wealth of knowledge on how to grow my platform was granular and instantly actionable. Walt prompted me to quickly embrace growth behaviors that I had previously resisted. More importantly, he cheered me on with a perfect mix of wisdom, maturity, sense of humor and a willingness to challenge me. My gratitude for Walt's guidance is boundless!

Achim Nowak – C-Suite Success Coach/Founder of BRILLIANT BEST

“Walt Hampton brings decades of experience as a leader and a true passion for coaching and training. Simply put, he loves people. If you want to create a successful business, you need Walt Hampton and his Consultant’s Success Formula®.”

Michael Port, Founder and Chairman – Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide

When I first met Ann it was via phone. I wanted to see if she was the right book coach for me. Boy, was I unprepared and surprised. How could someone who looks so lovely in her photo swear like a sailor and push me to unapologetically answer all her direct questions? Had I missed some sidebar on her website that said something along the lines of “Ann is a ballbuster who doesn’t suffer fools gladly”? In the time we’ve worked together, I’ve found Ann to have a rare combination of being a compassionate nurturing friend and not putting up with my BS. There have been numerous times I’ve tried shelving my book. I can be pretty convincing and Ann sees right through it. In 3 words, ‘she gets it’!

—Dr. Serena Sterling

Physical and emotional pain relief specialist

Doug’s coaching services are invaluable. I’ve attended many coaching seminars with various companies but have resisted signing up for one-on-one coaching. After listening to one of Doug’s webinars, I decided to take a chance with him and I could not be happier. When I saw the transformation from the actionable steps that Doug created for my practice, I signed up all of the attorneys in my office for his coaching services. Hands down, this is the best decision we made to create a strong foundation for our business and grow our individual practices.

– Marty Oblasser