Turn inspired readers into buyers with an expert-positioning book that takes less time to write

Are you looking for the well-heeled clients and golden opportunities you see other authors getting?

Do you want exponential growth and reach in your business without having to work like a fool or give up your family?

Would you like to stand head and shoulders above your competition, make the hefty income they only DREAM about?

Are you in the game to inspire and impact your readers, your potential clients, to turn them into raving fans

·  You've been thinking about the book for a LONG time.

·  Maybe you've even started the book and it's rotting in your Google Drive. 

·  Others are getting the attention you deserve; but they've got the book.

·  You kinda know what you want to say, but you don't know where to start, or stop.

·  You don't know how you should structure the damn thing; what you've got is all over the place.

·  And who really has the time anyway?

·  Maybe you've already written a business card book, but this time, you want a book that matters, that gets you what you want.

·  You know you need a book.

You're In The Right Place

Ann Sheybani

I'm Ann Sheybani, founder of The Influential Author Formula and the go-to book developer of time-starved entrepreneurs.

 If you’re looking to attract clients and opportunities with an expert-positioning book that takes less time to write, I can help. 

Like you, I came by my expertise the hard way.

Harvard-trained writer or not, no one seemed to recognize me for the brilliant expert that I imagined myself to be until I began teaching some of Tony Robbins' clients how to write books.

Now, more than a decade later, after working with hundreds of consultants--coaches, speakers, and business professionals-- I know exactly how to create the kind of book that actually matters, that opens doors; changes the game; turns readers into raving fans and paying customers.  

An expert book is the key to the promised land, if and only if it's done right. And I've got a simple to follow, proven formula that will allow you to own the joint.

Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a quick and easy way to solve this whole book-writing thing?

If there was a way to just make all those gnarly obstacles go away? 




You get a polished book in months (not years, not decades), one that explodes your brand.


Your stories, personal experience, and hard-won wisdom finally help the people you were meant to serve


You connect with your audience on a heart level, and this is precisely what entices them into buying what you offer.


Your whole system is spelled out in book form, so sales conversations are a breeze.


You've turned your book into a course, a workshop, an event, a keynote speech.


You gain a new sense of confidence by sharing your outlook; I mean, why wouldn't someone want to hire you for big money?


Strangers act like they know you because they've read your book and were moved by it, and that's some heady stuff.


TV and radio stations, podcast hosts, call for interviews because of your expertise and clarity, your concise talking points.


Other consultants suddenly want to affiliate with you, to promote you to their lists, form JV partnerships because they see your true value.


Your book is so good, big publishing houses start pursuing you. 


You take your family on a tropical vacation because, well, you can.

Can you see how much better it will be when you write that book NOW, not next year? 



Specifically designed to help time-starved entrepreneurs like you inspire a much larger audience, attract high-value opportunities, and rule your niche with the right book 

Here's what you'll receive when you register for The Influential Author Formula 

Problem, Solution, Results & Benefits

This is the business foundation that supports your whole book, the sturdy underpinnings, so that your reader sees you as an authority.

Purpose-Based Genre Selection 

Make the first lynchpin writing decision so you don't set your ladder against the wrong wall and waste a year or two figuring that out.

Starter Material I.D.

Avoid waltzing past useful, ready-made material, unless you like extra work and reinventing wheels.

Welcome To The REAL Writing Process  

Exactly what to expect so that you can hold steady right up to the obstacle-studded finish line.

How To Write A Killer Story 

There are tricks to this craft. Get this stuff wrong and you’ll create another textbook that bores even your mother.

There's A Blueprint For That

Create the proper organizational structure for your stories so that your readers can follow a transformational path and love you for it.

Revision Rescue 

Shape your stories, sharpen your message, and polish your delivery before you release your book into the world so that you won't embarrass yourself.

Continuing Support & Pro Services 

Identify the right fresh-eyed professional who can do some of the heavy lifting for you so that you don't wind up looking like an amateur. 

Plus an entire module on the three top publishing methods available so that you can make a reasoned choice and not blindly follow the herd.



"I’ve always felt the need to tell my story, but fear, insecurity and the daunting process held me back for years. Then I met Ann. I can’t imagine completing my book any other way."

Michelle Cully
CEO of Xpressman and Author of High Heels In The Laundry Room 

"I took Ann’s course and was very impressed. In a short amount of time, I learned so much about a book’s structure and most importantly, the clear steps on writing one and having fun doing it. If you’re really passionate about writing or want to know if writing is your passion, take Ann’s class. I definitely recommend it."

Tandar Tanavoli
Motivational and Lifestyle Coach 

"I just accepted two AWESOME book deals for my book, Healthy As F*ck. I'm so thrilled! If you need me, I'll be worshipping at the feet of Ann Sheybani, the best writing teacher in the world."

Oonagh Duncan


A one-hour private call with me or one of my top coaches  

Are you dying to bounce your book ideas off of us and decide on the very best book concept? So you can finally make a considered choice? In this call you’ll determine which idea is the most saleable, what it is your people are actually out there searching for, so that you create the perfect book for them. 

Are You Ready To Become An Influential Author?  

Join me as I walk you through my step-by-step system and address your burning book-writing questions as they arise. We'll be making our lessons available one week at a time to keep the process totally manageable and fun, give you the necessary time to implement what you learn before moving on. 


  • Download the weekly exercises designed to build your book one decision at a time with ZERO drama. 
  • Enjoy lifetime access to the video recordings.
  • Check out our permanent library of reference tools, writing prompts, genre examples, recommended readings, and (Oh, hold on now!) the contact information of vetted editing professionals.

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