HOW do you do it?

We get that question all the time.

HOW do you get to travel and adventure as much as you do?

HOW do you get to live high on a hillside in West County Cork overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean?

HOW were you able to spend the winter in the Lakes District of Bariloche, Argentina?

HOW do you get to work any time or anywhere you want…. or IF you want?

We usually obfuscate… as in we dodge the questions… preferring to keeps our cards close.

But we realize that it actually might serve you to really know.

We began building this biz into the storm clouds of the Great Recession.

But… with the help of great business coaches, I was able to develop one-on-one executive coaching work that pretty quickly eclipsed the income I’d been receiving as the managing partner of my law firm. Ann built the publishing side of the biz, working one-on-one with entrepreneurs and business professionals from around the world who wanted to write their expert-positioning books.

The work made us deliriously happy…and allowed us a really nice lifestyle.

But… one-on-one work is…. well… one-on-one. That is, there’s a limit as to how much you can do.

After all, there’s only so many hours in a day… and the “glitch” with one-on-one work is that it actually requires that one show up!

Now, don’t get us wrong. We LOVE love love our Inner Circle Clients…. Although we’ve become a lot more exclusive and expensive, we’ll never give it up.

AND… we needed to figure out a way to scale what we do.

That’s where the dirty little secret comes in.

A dear friend of ours… an accountant… but we don’t judge him… introduced us to Jeff Walker and his Product Launch Formula® (PLF) program.

We enrolled in PLF… and product launch set us free!

I launched my Consultants Success Formula®, the most comprehensive business-building system on the planet. Ann launched her Influential Author Formula®. (And Doug Brown, our Chief Learning Officer, is getting ready to launch our brand new Profit Accelerator.)

Now we get to take care of and serve a lot of people all around the world… one to many.

We get to make a difference in a lot of lives.

We can do it anywhere.


And it’s infinitely scalable.

And we have Jeff Walker (and of course our dear accountant friend) to thank.

PLF, then, is the secret.

We’re telling you this now because once a year Jeff Walker runs a massive free online Live Launch Masterclass and opens enrollment for his game-changing Product Launch Formula program and this year it all starts in September 2020.

PLF is the exact launch process and system we use in all our launches and is essential for anyone considering launching a product, service or even an entire new business.

Sign up to be on on our notification list for the PLF September 2020 launch. You’ll be among the first hear about Jeff’s free LIVE Launch Workshop. Go HERE.

You’ll finally be in on the secret.